Welcome to Shot By Samantha! I began this photography adventure after dabbling in videography and receiving a degree from Frostburg State University in Audio/Video Production. Photography has my heart because I am able to stop time for one moment and capture a memory that is going to last a lifetime. As a photographer, I want to capture your most personal and memorable stories and events so you can relive them any time you want. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I really, truly believe it. It is worth a thousand words in every language. I want to capture and display every emotion from the love and joy on your wedding day to the glowing pride around your graduation day, and everything in between. My goal as a photographer is to give you a memorable experience to go along with your memorable life milestones!

Meet Sam!



The colors that change minute to minute and showcase the boldest of clouds


Tacos shouldn't just be eaten on Tuesdays!

Fire Pits

The warm tones, the s'mores, and the smell that lingers long after the fire is put out


My best friend, boyfriend,  and biggest supporter

These are a few of my favorite things